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Finding yourself in a difficult legal situation is never easy. Perhaps you and your long-time partner are splitting, and you need a divorce attorney or child custody lawyer to help you handle the turbulent process. Maybe you need the assistance of an adoption attorney to guide you through the adoption process, or a child support attorney to assist with figuring out payments. It could be that you’ve been accused of some sort of crime and are looking for a qualified criminal defense lawyer. Or perhaps you’ve been looking for an estate planning attorney to help you prepare for the future. If you’re looking for an experienced DUI attorney, you’ve come to the right place, too. No matter the reason, it’s important that you work with an experienced legal professional who can dedicate their personal attention to your case. 

That’s why you should contact John J. Grenko, Attorney at Law. Attorney Grenko has been practicing for four decades and serves areas near the Reading, PA area, including:

  • Bernville, PA
  • Leesport, PA
  • Fleetwood, PA
  • Lyons, PA
  • Birdsboro, PA
  • Shillington, PA
  • Bethel, PA
  • Hamburg, PA
  • Lenhartsville, PA
  • Kempton, PA
  • Kutztown, PA

Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is difficult. Emotions run high, which can cause a lot of stress and frustration between two parties, even if no one was at fault for the divorce. There may be disputes over the division or property, child custody, and more. It is often difficult for couples to settle these concerns alone, and so a divorce lawyer often needs to be involved.

Attorney Grenko understands that divorce is never easy, and so he handles every case with the care that it deserves. He is thoughtful and understanding, but also takes a firm stance when defending your rights and protecting your interests. With his assistance, you can navigate the difficult divorce process and find peace on the other side. 

In addition to divorce proceedings, Attorney Grenko can also help with several other aspects of family law. For example, he can help families looking to adopt a child by preparing them for home interviews and helping them with the legal paperwork. Or, he can help two parents sort out custody and visitation schedules, assist with legal separation, and more. As an experienced family law attorney, he can provide you with excellent legal support and advice. So, if you need a criminal defense lawyer, a family law attorney, or something else, please consider giving Attorney Grenko a call.

Defend Your Rights

Facing the criminal justice system can be a frightening prospect. A criminal lawyer can help you defend your rights if you’ve been accused of sexual harassment, a misdemeanor, or something else. Attorney Grenko is a lawyer who can assist with your DUI case, felonies, and more. As a criminal defense lawyer, he is prepared to fight aggressively on your behalf.

Create a Personalized Plan to Secure Your Family’s Future with the Help of an Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer

As you age, you may find yourself in need of legal services you didn’t in your younger years. For example, you may search for an estate planning lawyer in order to prepare your will and determine how to distribute property. You may need help with Medicare or Medicaid planning, or may need an advocate for scenarios involving elder abuse. When searching for an attorney, you need to know that you’re working with someone with extensive knowledge of the legal field. You need a willing guide through the complications of estate planning so that you can secure your future and help your loved ones, even after you pass.

That’s why you should consider contacting John J. Grenko, Attorney at Law. Attorney Grenko has acted as a criminal defense lawyer, estate planning lawyer, and much more. He has helped countless individuals with their legal concerns and provided the sort of high-quality support they need. No matter your legal concern, please consider giving Attorney Grenko today. Allow an excellent lawyer to provide you with the legal guidance and representation you deserve.

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