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If you and your partner are separating and there’s a child involved, you will have to figure out a custody agreement. This is usually a difficult process; no one wants to risk losing their child, and so coming to an agreement that satisfies both parties isn’t easy. Additionally, there may be a number of questions about child custody law that you simply don’t have answers to. As such, it’s generally better to find a child custody lawyer to help sort it out. Attorney Grenko would be more than happy to advise you and help you achieve an outcome that both can be satisfied with.

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Things You Should Know About Child Custody Law

If you’re filing for child custody, it’s important to first understand child custody law. There are two primary types of custody: legal custody, which determines who can make major decisions on behalf of the child, and physical custody, which determines where the child stays. These categories can be further separated into joint and sole custody. How custody is awarded ultimately depends on what is in the child’s best interests, though certain other factors are taken into account, such as the child’s personal wishes and if either parent has a criminal record. Additionally, the court may require one or both parents to go to counseling, if necessary.

Working with children’s custody lawyers can often be your best course of action in a child custody case. Because of their familiarity with child custody law, they’re able to handle the legal documents and procedures better than the average individual. Additionally, they can potentially help both parents come to an agreement without having to involve the court, therefore making the process easier. When you need an experienced child custody lawyer, consider calling Attorney Grenko today.

Questions About Child Custody

You may have a number of questions about child custody, many of which can be answered by a child custody lawyer. A couple common questions are answered below.

How and when is child custody modified?
Oftentimes custody is modified only when there’s a significant change in one parent’s living situation. For example, they may be preparing to move, or may have recently remarried. However, this isn’t strictly necessary, and ultimately child custody can be modified at any time, provided it’s in the best interest of the child. Speak to your child custody lawyer in order to determine the exact terms of the modification.

If both parents have custody, then who pays child support?
Depending on the situation, it’s possible that neither parent will pay child support. However, if one parent makes substantially more than the other, then they may be required to pay child support to the other parent.

Do grandparents have any visitation rights?
Yes. In fact, grandparents can also file for custody under certain circumstances, though it’s often best to discuss this with a lawyer beforehand. Grandparents may be awarded custody if, for example, neither parent is fit to take care of the child.

If you have any other questions about child custody, reach out to an experienced familly attorney today.

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