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There are a number of financial concerns that may occur during divorce procedures. Some of the most common are alimony and child support. It is often more beneficial to hire a lawyer to help with these concerns than to try and deal with them alone. As such, consider calling John J. Grenko, Attorney at Law. Attorney Grenko has acted as a child support attorney and alimony lawyer for years. Because of this, he can explain how to file for child support, help in filing for alimony, and provide you with any necessary documentation and guidance.

Attorney Grenko has been practicing for four decade and serves areas near the Reading, PA area, including:

  • Bernville, PA
  • Leesport, PA
  • Fleetwood, PA
  • Lyons, PA
  • Birdsboro, PA
  • Shillington, PA
  • Bethel, PA
  • Hamburg, PA
  • Lenhartsville, PA
  • Kempton, PA
  • Kutztown, PA

Questions About How To File For Child Support

Child support can be a somewhat contentious process during divorce proceedings. In Pennsylvania, child support is determined by certain guidelines which take into account the income of the parent paying child support and what the needs of the child will be. Who pays support—and how much—is determined by how custody is divided and by the difference in income between the two parents. 

If you’re wondering how to file for child support, it’s generally best to consult a child support attorney. They can provide you with advice and guidance, as well as provide the necessary paperwork. After contacting an attorney, the first step is generally to fill out three different forms: the Application for Child Support, the Complaint for Support, and the Intake Questionnaire. After submitting the documents, your lawyer will notify the other parent of the order. From there, you and your former partner will begin the process of determining child support payments. 

While a child support attorney can help you file for child support, that’s not all they can do; they can also help you modify child support payments, and may be able to help enforce payments that are already in place. Call to speak to a qualified lawyer today. 

Need An Alimony Lawyer?

Alimony is another aspect of the divorce process that involves paying money to another individual. Alimony is meant to help you or your spouse with monetary support after a divorce. It is only given when one spouse cannot support themselves without assistance from their partner. During the marriage, this wouldn’t have been a problem; after marriage, however, they may need some time to obtain a better job and living conditions. Alimony payments are determined by a number of factors, including how long the marriage lasted, how much each individual needs to support themselves, and each individual’s level of education. Because filing for alimony is somewhat complex, it’s important to find assistance from an alimony lawyer.

He is both an alimony lawyer and child support attorney, and as such has the knowledge necessary to ensure the process of filing for either goes smoothly. He can direct you to the proper paperwork, provide you with resources, and help with any legal requirements. Call today if you’re near Reading, PA, and learn more about his services.

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