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Not all marriages last a lifetime. Sometimes, two individuals realize they just aren’t compatible and decide to separate. Divorce is often emotionally taxing and can become frustrating when you aren’t sure how to start divorce proceedings or how to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of. In times like these, it’s often beneficial to find a family divorce lawyer for assistance. When searching for a family law lawyer in Reading, PA and the surrounding areas, consider calling John J. Grenko, Attorney at Law. With 40 years as a divorce attorney, he is ready to help you through the difficult divorce process. Call him today and learn more about the services he offers.

Attorney Grenko has been practicing for four decade and serves areas near the Reading, PA area, including:

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If You Need An Uncontested Divorce Lawyer, Attorney Grenko Can Help

Broadly speaking, there are two different types of divorce. The first is contested divorce, where one party does something that forces the other to start divorce proceedings. This can include things such as adultery or abuse. Unsurprisingly, these cases tend to be rather tense and complicated. The second type of divorce, however, is known as an uncontested divorce. Unlike with contested divorce, no one is at fault; the individuals simply realize the marriage isn’t working and opt to separate. There can still be a significant amount of confusion and heartache, but it’s much more likely to be resolved amicably with the aid of a family court attorney.

Divorce attorney John Grenko is available to provide assistance whenever you’re ready to file for divorce. He understands the emotional burden this process has likely placed on you, and so treats you with compassion and empathy. However, he will also firmly protect your rights and provide guidance on how to proceed. He can help you fill out the necessary legal documents, divide property, and more. Call him today and speak to a qualified uncontested divorce lawyer.

How to Start Divorce Proceedings

Uncontested divorce can be further divided into two categories. The first is a mutual consent divorce, which means that both parties sign a consent form agreeing to the divorce. This can be obtained 90 days after the divorce process has begun. The other is known as two-year separation, which is where the parties in question have been living separately for two years already, and they must sign a form agreeing to this fact in order to become legally divorced.

Whether dealing with a contested or uncontested divorce, the way to file for a divorce is similar. In order to start divorce proceedings, one of the filing individuals must have been a Pennsylvania resident for at least six months. After that, one individual must file a complaint form in order to begin the divorce process. This is often best done with the assistance of a marriage lawyer, since some of the documents needed to file for divorce are difficult to find online. You and your partner can also sign a Divorce Settlement Agreement, provided both of you agree to the divorce.

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