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Not every couple wants to get a divorce when the relationship starts to fail. Some would prefer to live separately until the situation changes. Others may want to retain the benefits of marriage but understand staying together may not be the best option. In cases like these, legal separation can often be the best choice. John J. Grenko, Attorney at Law is here to help clients near Reading, PA, get assistance with their unique situation. Work with him as your legal separation attorney to receive unbiased advice.

What Is Legal Separation?

The primary difference between legal separation vs. divorce is that with a legal separation, the couple remains married. The two individuals will still live apart from each other, however, and in most states will have legal separation papers to prove the court order.

While Pennsylvania does not recognize traditional legal separation, you can still manage something similar through a separation agreement. A separation agreement is legally binding with the same function as legal separation: to allow the couple to live apart while waiting for a divorce—or to remain separated altogether.

A separation agreement can be used to address a range of concerns the couple may have, including:

  • How child support and custody should be handled.
  • If alimony will need to be paid to either individual.
  • Who will get to remain in the current residence.
  • How debts will be managed.

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Legal separation can be a complicated subject—especially in Reading, PA. Partnering with a legal separation attorney is the best way to navigate this tricky field of the law. Partner with John J. Grenko, Attorney at Law to receive assistance with your case. Attorney Grenko has extensive experience with this field of the law and so can successfully provide you with advice and guidance. Call today to speak to a separation lawyer and learn more.

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