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Being accused of sexual harassment is often incredibly detrimental to an individual, even if they’re not convicted. Many times the allegations can cause a massive public uproar, and as such your reputation can be damaged, you may lose your job, and you may lose the trust of friends and neighbors. A conviction can worsen these consequences, in addition to providing extra penalties. So, get an experienced sexual harassment lawyer and contact John J. Grenko, Attorney at Law. Attorney Grenko is a sexual assault lawyer with more than 40 years of experience. As a local sexual harassment lawyer, he is more than capable of helping your case. Please, consider calling today to speak to a qualified sex crimes attorney and get the guidance you need. 

Attorney Grenko has been practicing for four decade and serves areas near the Reading, PA area, including:

  • Bernville, PA
  • Leesport, PA
  • Fleetwood, PA
  • Lyons, PA
  • Birdsboro, PA
  • Shillington, PA
  • Bethel, PA
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Keep John J. Grenko, Sexual Harassment Attorney In Mind

Sexual assault is considered a second-degree felony. As such, those convicted may be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison, as well as be forced to pay a number of fines. Additionally, you will be required to register as a sex offender.

While you may be innocent, being accused of sexual assault comes with a significant stigma. As such, many individuals may believe you are guilty of the crime, even if no proof is presented. This can make facing the court far more frightening. Getting a qualified sexual harassment lawyer like John J. Grenko can help eliminate some of the concerns. As your sexual harassment attorney, he can mount a number of different defenses. For example, he could help uncover proof that the other individual consented, or show that no actual assault took place. When you work with a sexual abuse attorney like John Grenko, you know that you are working with one of the best. Consider calling to receive more information.

Sexual Assault Law

As your sexual assault defense lawyer, John Grenko knows how difficult the situation you’re going through is. He is able to provide legal advice, such as explaining sexual assault law and making sure you understand your rights. He will examine the situation and determine the best path forward, then discuss all the options with you. Additionally, he will use all of his resources to create a powerful, effective case on your behalf. He commits himself to providing you with excellent defense because he wants to help you achieve the best outcome possible. Please, call today to learn more about how he can help.

Your Local Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Grenko is a criminal defense attorney local to the Fleetwood, PA area. He is more than happy to serve anyone throughout Reading, PA. All of his skills, knowledge, and experience get put to use when he starts a case. Each case is handled methodically and with care; he’ll offer a compassionate hand to his clients, but will mount a powerful argument for you in court. He strives to be a sexual assault lawyer that others can count on.

Being accused of sexual assault is frightening. However, you don’t have to try and deal with it alone. Get the assistance of an excellent local criminal defense attorney. Call Attorney Grenko today and learn more.

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